NSP AIRWING Boston high-volume valve
Nobody likes to spend more time rigging up and down than neces- sary. A light-weight, high-diameter “Boston” valve allows for efficient deflating and inflating.
NSP AIRWING Smart one-pump design
A single point inflation System gets you on and off the water faster, and allows you to tune the pressure between leading edge and strut.
NSP AIRWING Hardcore Wingtip reinforcements
Especially for rough surfaces, TPU strips reinforce the wingtips, finished off with vulcanized PVC.
NSP AIRWING 2-ply reinforced trailing edge
Additional 2-ply strips and triple stitching protect the trailing edge from stretching, wear and tear or potential ripping.
NSP AIRWING Premium comfortable handles
Comfortable handles on the strut and on the leading edge allow for hours of rider comfort and gives the ability to tune the sheeting angle. The center leading edge handle is placed as neutral as possible, and allows for complete depowering and control while you focus on carving, downwinding and surfing.
NSP AIRWING Camber panel
By strategically placing an additional foiled strip of rip-stop material between the strut and the wing canopy, the Airwing boasts a smooth preset profile that powers up early and maintains shape under all circumstances.
NSP AIRWING TPU reinforcements
Strategically placed TPU strips dramatically increase durability while keeping the wing light.
NSP AIRWING Twin windows
PVC windows are both safe and sturdy, enabling increased visibility.
Blue Red item Wing Span Chord Strut
21NW00100 21NW00101 AIRWING 3.0 T.B.A. T.B.A. 4 ¥80,000
21NW00102 21NW00103 AIRWING 4.0 307cm 160cm 4 ¥87,000
21NW00104 21NW00105 AIRWING 5.0 345cm 180cm 5 ¥93,000
21NW00106 21NW00107 AIRWING 6.0 T.B.A. T.B.A. 5 ¥102,000
Included Option
WING / Backpack
Air valve adapter
Repair kit / Leash
Code : 21NW00200
本体価格 : ¥7,500
Leading Edge Bladder
Code : T.B.A.
本体価格 : T.B.A.
Strut Bladder
Code : T.B.A.
本体価格 : T.B.A.